About Us

Fulfilling Industrial Needs

We specialize in large machine work. We have lathe’s that range from 10’ long to 50’ long and can chuck up things up to about 6’6” around. 

Boring Machine that can line bore up to about 48”, Huge drill press,
Multiple knee mills, Blanchard grinder, And much much more equipment.  

Our Teams Experience

 Experienced machinist with from 5 years to 35 years experience. 

Shop Foreman with close to 35 years experience. One of our owners has 54 years in the business.  Our whole Team as many years of experience under their belts and you can bet we can tackle just about anything to fit your needs! 

Band Saw Drive Wheel

Check out this Band Saw Drive Wheel! 

40' Chip Screw

40' Chip Screw

Paper Transport Machine

Paper Transport Machine, Developed, Engineered, and Designed by Bar 3 Machine & Tool! 

Milling Machine

Check out this video of a Milling Machine

Roller Chain Sprocket

Roller Chain Sprocket 6' in Diameter

Bar 3 Machine & Tool